satisfied, satisfaction
become filled to completion, have one's needs/wants met, have enough-ness, have sufficient
A good cup of tea will satisfy my thirst first thing in the morning.
by Wordgirl October 25, 2006
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A feeling when you are happy. Like uh like when you like uh umm yeah you know
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To make happy; to pleasure. Although nowadays people use this word to refer to those damn slime videos.
Emily: OMG, did you see that new slime video posted by @satisfyingslime?!?!!?

Jessica: YAS omg!! It was so satisfying!!
by Stefferoni May 6, 2018
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Coloring with different colors of permanent markers, and/or sniffin the tip of a marker and enjoying it.
"Nida, wat are u doing?" asked Val. "I am satisfying myself by coloring this folder. Do you want to join me?"
by Satisfyer July 31, 2006
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She imagined George W. Bush was beaten and that was very satisfying to her because she thought that he was an idiot. "Well done, thoughts," the woman said.
by Ereck Flowers April 16, 2015
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