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The sexual act of ejaculating on someone's face and immediately throwing a fistful of confectioners sprinkles (jimmies) in their face causing them to stick to the ejaculate.
You know that slut Karen? I definitely jimmied her last night and she proceeded to eat every last sprinkle stuck to her face!
by SteveBorough July 23, 2010
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verb; To be run into, knocked down or tripped 'accidentally' by an individual with no regards for their, your or anyone elses' well being. Typically the person has no idea they just assaulted another and will continue on their way as if nothing happened.
I was just walking down the street when some asshole jimmied me into a telephone pole. The worst part is they just kept walking like nothing happened.
by SteveIsGay June 08, 2010
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V. The act of being owned, usually in your own game, frequently by a member of the opposite sex.

Said MOS typically uses the "Jimmy" to obtain anything of monetary value.
"Yeah bud, she was selling all kinds of sex so Jimmy would buy her a pita wrap... then as soon as it was over the counter she was half way down the block! He got friggin' Jimmied!"
by maplebug July 16, 2008
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'Jimmied' is a term used for when a person has been sick for the following reasons

- Drinking to much alcohol
- Smoking to much Green

Jimmied is normally used to mock the person, who was being sick.
"dave collis jimmied last night, what a f-ing jimmy"
"taylor jimmied after drinking 1 pint of strongbow"
"miller never jimmied before but i reckon he will jimmy after all the triple vodka and cokes he has had"
"dan hawkins jimmied after smoking a skinny mini spliff"
"davies jimmied AGAIN!"
by Paul Kenneth Kent October 13, 2005
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to engage in the sexual act of orally pleasuring your partners anus while they pleasure your anus orally in the sixtynine position.
Carter and Tucker are getting jimmied in the bathroom.
by tmoney843 October 13, 2011
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1.v.The act in which a person blocks and deletes another from thier msn contact list.

2.v.To start a conversation with someone and then completly ignore them and walk away half way through, creating hate and resentment.
1. Oh fuck! Ashley wants to invite me to her grandparents Nail Clipping Club meeting! Thank the fucking lord I jimmied her this morning.

2."Sure. I would love to hear your views on the Save the Mongoose Foundation Janine--Hey Nicole! Let's go to a movie."
"Umm...Janine still thinks you are listening to her talk about mongooses..."
"Oh fuck Janine...I Jimmied her..."
by Vanessa&David Inc. January 24, 2004
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