Slang term originated in Philadelphia, aslo used in the NYC.
ACTUAL MEANING DUMBASSES: prompt(being ready and quick to act); this term is used as an after thought, to portray the urgency of a sitaution.
That nigga betta have my shit, or Ima fuck his ass up! EARLY!!
by Dee November 11, 2003
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You use it after a sentence to emphasize what point you're making...In some sentences it's kinda like saying "How Bout It" or "Forreal"...
Tell ya bul to stop drawlin or get his azz beat!!! Early!!!
by C. N. J. January 31, 2008
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a way of sayin "right now" or "soon"
"holla at'cha girl EARLY!"
by thizbthablaqchik November 2, 2003
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Another way of saying holla or whats up. Originated in Philly.
yo i'll talk to ya later. Early!
by strawberry July 21, 2003
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