A sexual position that aligns the mouth and genitals of both partners so that both can enjoy having oral sex performed on them and performing oral sex at the same time. The sillhouette of this position resembles the number 69.
It's not good enough just to have oral sex when you can sixtynine.
by thatthing February 10, 2004
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"We were in a full sixtynine and I was having a Damn Good Time!
by Mr. Scratch February 29, 2004
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a sexual position in wich two people of the same or different genders suck each others frontal mid section such as penis or vigina.
two male were sucking eachothers dick in a sixty-nine positoin.
by bobby sirfucksalot May 10, 2003
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When you are trying to record, remember, or enter number codes and while doing so a friend or co-worker makes a comment using the number sixty nine in a sexually explicit manner that messes up your train of though that causes you to have to start over again.
Here is the pickup for tables twelve, thirty, and sixty nine. Lisa for the last time, there is no table sixty nine. Ya Pete I know... there could be. Hey Jason, Lisa just sixtynined me and now I don't remember any of the table numbers.
by Peter L. Harris January 24, 2012
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Rakim Sixtynine
Rakims football number was 69 also his favorite activity during his free time.

Sixtynine is a number and also a sexual activity.
by Mads6969 October 27, 2019
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Is the numerical representation of two loving partners engaging in oral sex with each other simultaneously. One yeets his erect penis into the other mouth, whilst the reciprocating the favour.
Jill: ooh I’m enjoying this sixtyniner
Jack: gobble this
by OhDaddyYesHarder March 19, 2020
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