any medicine that you can buy at a drug store or groceiry store that you dont need a perscription to buy.
Giovanni- DAmn my head is hurtin like a lil bitch
Francesca- AW, Iv got some advil in my purse
Giovanni- thats whatsup! WHerd u get it?
Francesca- Over The counter, B.
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Over The Counter is an expression used to describe a situation in which you find your self surrounded by so many girls, or on your way to a place with so many girls that it ill be ridiculously easy to pick up.

It implies that in this situation you can just walk up and get whatever you want.
Derek: Shit bro my brother is haven a party tonight its gunna be Over The Counter man.

Will: Ill be there man girls everywhere, I love Over The Counter parties.

Derek: Its Gonna be crazy best party all year.

Will: No doubt. Im gonna call my cousin get him to come, tell him its Over The Counter.

Derek: Cool sounds good.
by GreenBuddah February 2, 2014
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Over-The-Counter Hipsters also Cashier Hipsters who rely on their own income. Commonly found behind or "over-the-counter" as the cashier at Beacon's Closet, Ozzies, etc. Usually wearing something they may have found while on the job at Beacon's Closet. Most often found a cranky mess because they can no longer rely on their parents for money and must do it themselves, therefore, they become an Over-The-Counter or Cashier Hipster.
Beacon's Closet customer: Excuse me, I'd like to try on this funky and unusual dress shirt. Could you hold my other items here at the counter or should I bring them into the dressing room with me?

Over-The-Counter Hipster: I don't know, i'm too tired from having to make my own income and not rely on my parents for my money to make a decision like this. *adjusts thick-framed glasses* I'm going to go on my break now and be nonchalant with my Hipster friends at Ozzie's Coffee Shop.
by Madeleine Gruder May 28, 2009
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Information you can get about someone without paying extra, via google, facebook, mysoace, etc.
i found out she was dating someone by your basic over the counter info.....facebook status.
by jack swaggah July 28, 2010
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When something that appeals to those who'd rather do their own thing is sold by a corporation. A textbook example is Hot Topic appealing to the punk/emo/metal scene by selling shirts with "clever" sayings and emblems of punk bands that were big in the decade before. Another example would be pre-ripped jeans. When attemps to stand out are made easy by going to the mall, rather than actually embracing the counterculture itself.
You shit on eggs. I need no example. over-the-counter counterculture
by Mr.Majestic May 16, 2008
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1. An expensive custom motorcycle put together by a motorcycle shop, usually purchased by a wealthy individual. 2. A custom motorcycle built with bolt-on parts right out of boxes, with no custom fabrication.
1. Greg didn't want to get his fingers dirty buildin' his own bike, so he bought an over-the-counter chopper. 2. Big Doug ordered all the parts he needed out of the catalog to put together his over-the-counter chopper.
by Vinny Trace May 12, 2008
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starting with the popular avatar the last air-bender series/movie an over the counter bender is the secret bending style not talked about by the nations of fire,water,earth,and air while anyone can become an over the counter bender it takes much skill and training if you wish to learn just ask your mother she has seen the bending style many times....
Fire bender: dude why is it that my girlfriend is so distant...

Water bender: maybe you should become an over the counter bender ?

Fire bender: but how do i learn such a fascinating art?

Water bender: your mother taught me everything i need to know about over the counter bending...
by BDK bout ma lazar.. December 11, 2010
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