1: With your mouth
2: A funnier way to say oh really
3: A good way to confuse people
Doctor: These pills are to be taken orally only.
Person 1: Damn, I wanted to snort em.

Person 1: You know, I got attacked by ninjas last night.
Person 2: Orally, how are you talking to me now then.
Person 1: Damn, you caught me.

Person 1: You know I did your mom last night.
Person 2: Orally?
Person 1: Wait, what?
Person 2: lol, ur confuzzled
by dippypants. September 9, 2008
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Mexican/chicano word that not only means "hell yeah" or "roght on", but has lots and lots of meanings.
Also used to: indicate surprise ("Orale, homes, that bitch has a huge ass!").
Orale, homes. Pass the J, ese.
by Pedro January 13, 2004
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a)tablets to be taken orally
b)cock inserted in the mouth (someone elses not your own) thats how people break their necks.
by Bunz September 14, 2003
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strangely sexual-sounding word that doctors use meaning conversion of medication regimen from intravenous (IV) to oral pills/liquids (PO) to save time.
She is able to eat Bojangles now on post-op day 3, I think we can oralize her pain meds.
by ilooklikeasurgeon January 24, 2020
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In sex ed, I gave an oral speech about oral sex. Too bad I couldn't give a demonstration, then I would have gotten an A+.
by wakalakalover45 April 10, 2005
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Someone who modifies their pickup untastefully and unnecessarily.

Such as, tuning for smoke instead of power, large tow hooks that are not used for towing, huge exhaust tips on stock exhaust, and suspension lifts when they don't leave pavement.
Often wear flatbill hats and white sunglasses.
That guys such an oraler, his pickups slow as a camry.
by real_diesel_enthusiast October 9, 2014
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To quote a famous mexican comedian: "It is a term of excitement like yeehaw is to the country folk." It does not have a definite meaning but it makes you feel good to say it.
Jonnies:Hay vato! Que viva la rasa!
Iggy: Orale!!! Que viva!!!
by houston October 28, 2004
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