What you scream out when Damo chucks some fat Simmons on his XR6 Turbo or SS Ute.
Yeah bud, simmnssss
by dsi221b November 13, 2020
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A phrase often used to describe one's intense agreement, acknowledgement, or pleasure. Used in stead of saying "Yes", "I agree", "Awesome", "Great", or any number of positive-sounding adjectives.

Popular amongst verbal slackers and stoners in Northern Michigan who also say "Hey, Man" and "No worries" a lot.
Guy 1: Did you buy any snack cakes?
Guy 2: Yeah Bud! I totally got the munchies, man.


Guy 1: I just won the lottery!
Guy 2: Yeah Bud!


Guy 1: Did you return my bottles?
Guy 2: Yeah bud.
Guy 1: You suck. I was going to use that to put gas in my car.
by TunaFingers October 31, 2009
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A term used by those in the great white north to agree or confirm a badass action , Suggestion , or agreement on a topic .
Bill : Me and buddy are about to go out for a rip later with the boys , you down

Phil: Fuck Yeah Bud
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Usually a term used when a idiotic teen is doing something stupid. Or, agreeing to something stupid.
by Ben defined February 17, 2019
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