The male member, described as seen at his most magnificent and in his full pulsating glory. Used to describe a cock of particularly impressive size, standing stiffly erect and at attention, proudly displaying every inch of his full height. This term was part of an exclamation of admiration at the sight of my penis by a participant in a dick-measuring contest I won when I was a teenager.
"Your dick looks exactly like a telephone pole!", she exclaimed when she saw my pulsing rock-hard member reaching for the sky.
by Adam Philips August 18, 2006
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A sexual act in which one person, usually male, takes a shit, freezes it, then shoves it up the ass of the person they are having sex with.
That guy is too weird, I heard he likes giving girls the Alaskan Telephone Pole without their consent.
by CosmicRebellion September 3, 2009
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Someone missing a section of four teeth leaving a gap wide enough to string a telephone line across.
She lost her front center teeth that I was looking for the telephone wire between her telephone pole teeth cuspids !
by samgolfing December 12, 2011
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When you take a wooden object of 2 feet or more and put majority of it in your anus.
Hey Billy do you want to do the Oregon Telephone Pole.
by The Anus Destroyer February 25, 2016
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