1) to pass on knowledge to another

2) to pass a physical object
3) to spread information

Term originated in the Bay Area.
Featured in E-40's 1995 song "Sprinkle Me"
"I'm finna sprinkle you fools with some of this G-A-M-E"

"We talked about what really went down, she sprinkled me with some new information"

Everyone is partaking in something good. You say, "sprinkle me some".
by duradogg July 2, 2012
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Verb: Gender-neutral term for male or female ejaculation.
Noun: Gender-neutral term for the male or female ejaculate.
Dude, I went down on her and she sprinkled all over my face.

Oh man, I totally filled her up with my sprinkle.
by Shark_Topus November 21, 2010
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a pretty person that you must stalk, obsess over, and leave a slurpee on their doorstep. they can't be the same gender as you, though! that's a jimmie! ;)
I stalk Chrissy P and Patty J because they are my sprinkles. We left Chris a blue slurpee from 7-11 and Pat a fudge round. Both with anonymous notes
by CPJ January 4, 2004
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Slang term for the "auto" (automatic) setting on a selective fire rifle, such as an M16.
Move your selector switch to sprinkle and let 'er rip, gentlemen!
by Travelingmankc May 7, 2018
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when you sprinkle your jizz all over a hoes face... like a water hoes sprinkler
joe:damn dude i sprinkled your girl last night bro she was licking it off her mouth.
jhon: aww u bitch so thats why her breath stunk like dick.....
by Michel angelo January 19, 2009
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An African wise man named jack once told me that you sprinkle flour on dough to roll a pizza crust just like you sprinkle a bitch. I dont know what this means but I thought I'd share and maybe someone can help explain this?
"You gotta sprinkle it (the flour on the dough), just like u sprinklin a bitch" -Jack
by c-hum June 18, 2006
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in other words, "cool"
OMG !! You're so sweet and sprinkly !!
by Christina C. June 7, 2005
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