A highly hallucinogenic drug which results from huffing the fumes of your own fermented fecal matter. Users claim it gives an incredible rush, and that the taste of poo only lasts for a month.
The 70's was pot. The 80's was cocaine. The 90's had meth. Jenkem is now!!!
by Joey Orgler 3 May 07, 2008
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A grind band from West Philadelphia that talks about satan, feces, and porno.
Man, that new Jenkem song kicks ass!
by Assblast August 21, 2008
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Jenkem is a drug made by third world countries by pooping in a bottle and letting it ferment.

In the US, if you have to take a crap and find a floater left in the can, then you've been Jenkemed.
Joe: I really had to crap today, and I rushed into the first open stall.

Pete: So, how is that a cool story?

Joe: Well someone left a floater and I got Jenkemed!
by TangoTwo December 18, 2011
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A mix of half Hpnotiq half SunKist, pour slowly the mixture will look like a swirling Jenkem mix but it tastes like orange Gummi Bears
Jon: Ey Mix me up some Jenkem
Jon: NOO not that Jenkem, I ment the Non-butt hash one
by Vexcon 4 January 06, 2008
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jenkems is when you shit and piss in a plastic bag, leave it for a week, then when you open it, inhale and you get fried as a mother fucker
damn, me and nick matheson were doing jenkems on the weekend, trippy time yo, when i passed out, he put his balls all over me , and i was all like, "damm!!!, put that shit on /b/, gunna be a lot of bitches fapping to that CP" and we did, and now we do jenkems evry night
by pedobearsalloverthacp January 22, 2009
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Fermented mixture of ripened sewage used primarily in Africa and third-world Near Asian countries as a glue-high substitute.
Many orphaned and deprived children in civil-war torn Sub-Saharan Tanzania are dependent on jenkem.
by Kazhakkey Szervusz-Thackur October 25, 2005
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getting a bottle pissing /and /or shitting in it and tapeing a baloon to the top and letting your piss and terd ferment for a few days,weeks even and then removing the baloon and inhaling the gas to get a awsome high.
The young african addicts could not afford drugs so they invented jenkem.
by watties69 February 15, 2009
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