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sewage was a band started under the name Humyan sewage in 1991 by spike(jared errington 3rd) they relesed one cd 2 7'eps and a hand full of demo tapes. they opened up for gg allin and the murder junkies at the gas station in 1993,played the punk rock beer olympics 93,94,95 ,Tomkins square riots aniversity,washington square park pot parade in 1995,appered on dysney land gettho cable show offten in 94, In 1998 had wrote and proformed a song for spike lees summer of sam that ended up on the cutting room floor in 1999 they where also fetured on mtv along with jessie camp.however, due to constant line up changes ,drug aduse and lack of proper management management sewage where offten reduced to playing to croweds of 10-15 of their friends In small pubs and basements on the lower east side such as abc no rio,prymid club,cih untill spikes incarceration in late 1999 for robbery in the 2nd degree that ended the band and error
sewage was a hatedge sleeze punk rock band from the lower east side
by NLR718 July 23, 2006
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mixture of piss, shit, and used toilet paper that is treated and then dumped in the ocean or on/under land
Do you realise that you're swimming in a sewage run-off creek?
by King Shit January 19, 2003
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Used for something that is/looks horrible or very bad.
"Man, them shoez iz sewage!"

"Yo, I fucked her Saturday and tha pussy was sewage."
by Tha 1ne July 16, 2005
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A person, generally one which the other has hooked up with, with whom contact of any sort is unwanted, most likely due to the overall awkwardness or displeasure that and sort of contact would bring. A situation of a sewage encounter is to be avoided by any means necessary.
Bro: Heads up serious Sewage heading our way man... What are we going to do?

Other Bro: Aww man I hate sewage. It's that girl that I hooked up with when I was totally blackout last night, and she is right between us and our future destination!

Bro: We can hide in this dumpster?

Other Bro: Down.
by Laurier Broo December 07, 2011
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Good weed, exceptional marijuana, the dankity dank. This is because it is green and smelly, much like sewage
Yo cop me an eighth of that sewage for 60.
by niggerjew420 April 01, 2015
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