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1) Breathing fumes in order to get high.

2)The act of putting a splash of solvent or gasoline in a bad and repeatedly breathing in and out of the bag.
There were no good drugs in this town, so Pokey took to huffing acetone.
by Xmas July 16, 2004
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Usually accomplished with the inhalant of choice, silver or gold spraypaint, which is sprayed onto a sock and then inhaled. Silver or gold spraypaint is thought to have more solvent in it, making for a better high.

The huffer sometimes gets the paint all over their face.

Huffing causes severe brain damage and seriously afflicted individuals can be seen falling down and bruising themselves.
You can learn a lot about huffing from that great TV show, COPS.
by isoedin October 16, 2005
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The act of inhaling fumes of a volatile liquid (paint thinner, acetone, gas...) to get high. This does not physically get you high, but works by decreasing oxygen to your brain, which makes you feel high. If you huff too hard and too much you can die, and the lack of oxygen kills brain cells. Effects of huffing include, but are not limited to:

- Dizziness
- Decreased motor coordination and balance
- High feeling/increased mood

If you want to try huffing, I wouldn't recommend it. It really doesn't get you high at all, what little high you do get only lasts about 15 minutes, and there are much better drugs with less bad effects, such as ecstasy or a lot of caffeine.
I ran out of weed, so I'm back to huffing again.
by 4 LIFE May 28, 2013
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a retards attemt to gett hight
i dont have any freands but i like huffing gass so im cool
by erin ....bitch February 12, 2006
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Inhaling a solvent or aerosol spray for the purposes of getting high. Very prevalent with those of the native persuasion, mainly because you can huff gas which they don't have to pay taxes on. It's also believed by some that because gas comes from "mother earth" it is far more spiritual an experience then simply drinking white mans alcohol
Attendant: How come your filling that shopping bag with gas, did you forget your jerry can?
Joe Bearbreath: No, I'm going to huff it and get high then probably fall down a valley, o well the white mans health care will fix me up. YAY FOR HUFFING!
by Harry the Huffer September 22, 2009
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Something dumbasses do to get high and surefire way to kill all your brain cells. Involves inhaling the fumes of a often neurotoxic or carcinogenic volatile substance and the supposed "high" is literally generated by the solvent dissolving the myelin sheath around your brain cells and killing them or straight out hypoxia. A great way to become dead, a vegetable or too retarded to humanly function.
Bob after wasting his life huffing literally anything he could get his hands on.

"ey huVed gawsOleen ayD HoRZ PuuP AyD Noaw aWl mye Bwane SelLz R DeD aYd mYe DawGgi Iz DeD aYD eym eN dA Jale Sel 4 lyf."
by Underplaces December 17, 2019
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