The highest form of nerd to ever appear on runescape, PoL, Guild Wars, or on any other MMORPG. Do not interact with him because he will cause you to believe that he is a ninja with lich powers. He bites, btw.
runescape guy 1:omg the fucking bastard jao caught me in the wildy with mega low life z0mfg i hate his white ass
runescape guy 2:lol, you got killed by jao. how sad
by jessie savellano July 10, 2006
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A reference to a friend or acquantaince.
As Bruce walked up to Russell he said, "What's up jao."
by Bruce April 03, 2005
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Also jay-ho, a name for someone who treats you like dirt or betrays you.
I thought he was my friend but he's a real jao.

That ass disrespected me, what a jay-ho!
by Invaris July 10, 2006
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"Jizz all over" used in much the same way as "lol" or other acronyms, jao means that something is awesome, and you appreciate it's awesomeness by proverbially jizzing on it.
"Dude, I totally beat a woman up today!"
by wtfparadox January 21, 2010
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