114 definitions by John Doe

an extremely foul tasting sauce, that will eventually replace the word shit in the near future, or possibly mean something along the same lines of shit, except much, much worse
ih my god, this shit tastes like meekrab! i couldnt eat another bite for $1,000,000!
by John Doe April 10, 2005
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joe: hey rick what are you doing ?
Rick: im lkjhgf on the computer
by John Doe November 12, 2003
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one of the best users ever. on par with people like Kiv, Aaron...but not final(he smells >_>). Is possibly in love with Shan. >_>
Minotaur rocks, no denying it.
by John Doe December 30, 2003
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The heiress to the hilton hotel fortune. All you people are just jealous because she's hot, rich, famous, and she did it all by looking awesome and being in the right places at the right time (apart from her sex tape, which just made her even more famous.)
"isn't that paris hilton dancing on that table?"
"yes, she's quite the party girl"
by John Doe January 26, 2005
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Peter Bantle's mom, by far the hottest mom in the history of the universe! I want to F*CK her up the @$$!
peter's mom is hot! I want to do her so bad! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
by John Doe April 25, 2005
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Web programming language to make websites dynamic.
<?php // Begins php
print "string"; // Displays string
echo "sring"; // Displays string
$a="Left"; Defines variable a
if ($a==="Left") print "A equals Left"; /* If variable a equals Left then display A equals Left */
by John Doe March 28, 2004
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