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defines hedonism : a person who lives live for sole plesure
snoop dogg - money + weed sqaured
by John Doe October 21, 2004
Writer, artist and creator of the famous gamer comic Ctrl+Alt+Del. Tim Buckley is also the creator of the Winter-een-mas holiday which is a gamer holiday lasting from Jan 25th to Jan 31st.

His famous comic can be found at www.cad-comic.com
You don't know who Tim Buckley is?

No I don't know...

He's the greatest artist and sexiest gamer ever..
by John Doe January 3, 2005
A small independent high school in San Francisco. The school is very challenging, and it is better than Urban.
Guy 1: What's that cool school in San Francisco?
Guy 2: It's University!
by John Doe January 10, 2005
joe: hey rick what are you doing ?
Rick: im lkjhgf on the computer
by John Doe November 12, 2003
A girl who only engages in lesbian acts with her friends.
I hate that girl she is such a fresbian she wont even play with my happy button!
by John Doe March 5, 2005