A word referring to someone in the third person. Apparently, a malleable form of self-expression that needs to be at the forefront of western politics.

It's use is subject to politically correct hysteria that evades the fact the United States is involved in 5 different wars.
"Timmy was asked his pronouns in line at the VA office today."

"Devon received a heavy slap from the busty stripper after asking for her pronouns."
by RustyNailTermz May 9, 2021
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Refers to the third person term that substitutes a proper noun, like a person's name. In English and every single langauge in the world, it is based on your sex: male or female. There is a new American movement that asks for "preferred pronouns" instead of one's sex.

Those pushing for this have no grasp on any other langauge in the world where grammatical gender is used on every single word, and they would most definitely be offended once this fact becomes more commonly acknowledged. What you refer to others as would need to be altered in every single langauge just to suit this bizarre phenomenon thanks to America.
A: What are your preferred pronouns?

B: I'm female? She, her, I guess. This only works in English, you know. I can't change the way I address others just because of your feelings when this gender code would never work in Europe or Asia.

A: Bigot alert!!!!
by Sugandese Nuhs August 25, 2021
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A pronoun is when you refer to someone so many times that you just start using she, her, they, xe, and many more. three common pronouns are she, him, them, her, he, they, you get the point. like instead of saying 'Jessica' over and over, you could just use 'Jessica's' pronouns, which could be whatever 'Jessica' wants them to be.

NOW PEOPLE CAN STOP SAYING THAT PRONOUNS ARE NEW, PRONOUNS EXISTED ALREADY. a pronoun is a simple sufix that humans use commonly everyday when referring to someone or something to sum this whole definition up.
also if you don't know someone's pronouns it would be polite to just use they, them, theirs, their.
person #1> "Who is that?"
person #2> "I don't know their name yet, but I heard they play soccer!"

see? person #2 used a non-binary (theythem) pronoun instead of using their name which person #2 doesnt know.
by .wElLhErEyAgOmAnHeHeH. January 1, 2021
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Someone asking you what pronouns you prefer - it is a jargon phrase for identifying your gender. Ie male, female, neutral, etc.
Example pronouns: He, Him: she, her; shme, sheer, and sometimes... it.
by P.L.U.R. kind friend November 28, 2017
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1) A noun that has lost its amateur status.
2) A word that replaces a common or proper noun. Pronouns can fall into sub-categories: subject, object, relative, prepositional, interrogative, reflexive, and demonstrative.
by Zalis February 6, 2004
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