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An informal substitute for all three correct variations of their/they're/there.

Ther is useful for people who are A) too lazy to type the formally correct word, B) don't know the difference between the formally correct words, C) type too fast to type the formally correct words, or D) frequently misuse and mix up the formally correct words.

Ther is comprised of the four letters common to all three formally correct variations.
Ther (their) boat is anchored out ther (there) while ther (they're) swimming.
by antiver August 07, 2009
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reffering to a place
"Hey man should we go over ther?"
"Nah I think we should stay her"
by Po-ken July 02, 2003
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He likes it when he does it right ther right ther.
by Hiro Protagonist February 16, 2004
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a general term used to refer to momther and dadthers. see momthers and dadthers.
The Thers held a convention to celebrate their rainbow colors
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Politely giving a lady the D. More proper than D-ing her (T-ing her.)
Ex: reciprocation, lots of kisses, friendly but firm booty grabbing.
Mate, did Joanne end up going back with Roy last night?

Oh yeah, but Roy's a right pleasant chap; I'm certain he'll T her.
by Mr-E September 05, 2016
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