Acronym for love of my life. A soulmate. Pronounced "Lom-El" Is also referred to as OTLOML which stands for One True Love Of My Life.
Judy is my high school sweetheart and we got married after college. She is my loml.
by toast455 July 5, 2005
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Love Of My Life, typically used my over-exaggerating 14-16 year old girls; tumblr girls
by stoptheworld December 4, 2014
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Mia is the loml and I hope we get married after finishing college.”
by cheryl.blossom July 3, 2019
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Your husband. your fucking soulmate. your bae.
1. what am i to you babe?

2. your the loml fs!
by don’t matter January 19, 2021
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Loml is an abbreviation for Love Of My Life, pronounced lom-ul.

A loml is a term referring to a member of the opposite sex you find very attractive, but will never see again, e.g. in an airport terminal, at a rest stop on a road trip, on a visit to Disneyworld, etc.
Justin: Do you see that girl over there? Loml for sure.
Evan: Go talk to her, man!
Justin: I can't, we're going to be late for our flight!
by WoopahSoPitted April 6, 2016
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