to be profound, and enigmatic
who you know like hav?
by c4pfl August 3, 2003
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A sex pile of moose and rabbits.
by turdyqt May 16, 2011
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A highly uncommon species known to the human as someone who operates motored vehicles with a quick and precise passion.
Wow, did you see that Hav chirp fourth gear and take that corner at 70 mph? or Look at the guy operating that motorcycle...he must be a Hav.
by FranzAnthony January 30, 2007
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Me: Goddamn! I'd fuck her, him, them. Sh1t, I'd fuck YOU!
Ali: Calm the fuck down, quit being such a HAV.
by eventhoughimdepressed April 4, 2021
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When a girl is so orange (from use of foundation and self tanning products) that she could be mistaken for a piece of zesty fruit.
"You're a Vitamin C(hav)!"


"Eugh, you're so orange that shagging you would count as one of my 5-a-day..."
by Prettyylime April 23, 2010
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