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the Great Desert') is a desert located on the African continent. It is the largest hot desert in the world, and the third largest desert overall after Antarctica and the Arctic Its area of 9,200,000 square kilometres 3,600,000 sq mi. Is comparable to the area of China or the United States. The name 'Sahara' is derived from a dialectal Arabic word for "desert"
The Sahara Desert is the third largest desert in the world.
by rae35 February 21, 2019
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A sarcastic name for singer and songwriter Dua Lipa
Oh my god have you heard that new Dula Peep song?
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jacking off or being jacked off while using a piece of sandpaper; very pleasurable yet painful
Maggie gave Daniel a sahara desert and he was rubbed raw for days.
by Tara Adams December 14, 2005
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