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an absolute cutie and therefore sweetie;
a great actor and wonderful young man;
somebody with really pretty eyes
I couldn't take my eyes off RJ as he performed on stage.
RJ has really pretty eyes...
by Anonymous November 07, 2003
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Can be an abbreviation for someones name. Usually a guy. Such as: Ralph John, Ronald Junior, Richard Johnson etc. . .
Yo, R.J. is the fucking duu.
by anonymous unknown March 20, 2006
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On the outside sometimes a complete jerk but on the other hand can be the nicest, guy he just doesnt/dont know how too show it. also a big pervert but can be sweet also. cutie. but annoyin at times. is in love with Dp.
by Ms89 June 28, 2004
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A complete swaged out monster. He has WAY too much swag.

if he has a last name " williams" then he has the worlds coolest name.

Rj is good at everything he does, and has a perfect smile with perfect teeth.

He always likes to help people and make people smile.

He is nice, cool,awesome,swag,swaggy, oh and did i mention is swag????? did you see R.j. today??? his swag level was off the scale.....
by poopscoopindog October 14, 2013
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a genius in math, science, sports, shop, PE, History
by Anonymous March 21, 2003
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