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One of the best people you will ever meet. Is smart, nice, talented, amazing and hilarious. They make an amazing friend and an even better boyfriend. They are thoughtful, sweet, caring, adorable and you'll want to devote all of your time to them. They are a huge gamer and very selfless and loving.
I love Russell so much, he is so sweet and adorable.
by Kittu <3 April 06, 2015
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The most amazing friend that anyone could ever ask for. He always listens when there's a problem or just in general and he tells you what he thinks even if it hurts.
I would not trade my friendship with Russell for any thing in the world.
by Kira Iams January 18, 2009
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One who has an insanely large cock and whose penetration will decimate all. Commonly known for penetrating Alanas. The Russell can tripple the size of his cock when enraged or extremely horny.
The house shook as the Russell claimed his 27th virgin of the week.
by Virgin Killer January 30, 2008
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He gets you on a social app, like palringo and literally charms your clothes off. You'll be im'ing him pictures of all your parts without realizing what you're doing. His charismatic personality makes you want to take your clothes off and have nasty cyber sex with him no matter what mood you're in
I was chatting online yesterday, when suddenly this dude started talking and I was Russell'd....I sent him a pic of me bent over with a toy in every oriface.
by Not viarus January 21, 2014
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