A way of showing that you are crying over a joke refrence.

Note: i crier is also used
This man really just said hes white even tho hes black.
I cry
by BonnerBonner September 3, 2019
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A showing that you are of a negative feeling toward something or someone.
"I cry I failed my spanish test"
"I cry I dropped my bag"
"You're so stupid I cry"
by ~KJ~ March 26, 2014
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A throwaway phrase best used to make annoying/boring/stupid people think you're crazy, and therefore to get them to stop talking to you.
"Yo did you see last night's football game?"
"Sometimes I cry when I poop"
by PooPoo Garbage LLC February 28, 2022
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Tears won't fall, no matter how hard I try.
:( : I wanna cry
by Internet_Axle June 29, 2022
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You want to cry because you are sad or you are bored or you are very bored or you just saw a disturbing image
A dude: I want to cry
A dude2: Why
A dude: because i am super bored
by coolcoolcool1234 October 31, 2021
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a saying often used by black people that means "I understand what your saying"
idiot #1 Hey bro the man is keeping me down!
idiot #2 I hear your cry. I hear your cry
by malcolm March 12, 2004
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