You’re probably super bored if you searched this up. So how about you do yourself a favor, and do something. Maybe paint something. If you’re not good at that, maybe cook or like, watch anime or something. And if you don’t feel like getting up and doing something, just search random letter combinations. Just do SOMETHING! So good luck being super bored, and I hope you actually do something soon.
Btw, when I was typing this, I misspelled bored (I know, I know, but I’m on a phone and the keyboards small), and it autocorrected to notes. NOTES! Doesn’t make sense to me, but whatever, I’m not google.
Person 1: Help I am super bored, idk what to do
Person 2: How about you finish your missing assignments
Person 1: Person 3 I’m bored what should I do
by The Ultimate Weeb June 2, 2021
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