18 definitions by malcolm

The stuff you put together in a programming language to make a program/script do something.
echo "I'm code";


void main(void) { printf("I'm code too!"); }
by malcolm July 10, 2003
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when someone stays with a woman/man he/she hates only for sex or fear of not being with a woman or man ever again.
by malcolm November 26, 2004
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A Live Monster Fighting Tournament consisting of grown men wearing made up Japanese monster suits beating the crap out of eachother in a steal cage. AKA - Pure Awesomeness
"Kaiju Big Battel is coming to Town!"
by malcolm January 25, 2004
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Male sexual fluids. Semen.
She drank down his candy rain.
by malcolm January 26, 2004
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Someone with little to no musical skill on the guitar.
He cant even make an Em, he must be guitarded.
by malcolm November 3, 2003
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The act of bedding three different women in any 24 hour period.
Guy 1 "Hey man, what you doin' tonight?"

Guy 2 "Nuthin much, jus' bangin' Chrystal"

Guy 1 "Fo' real. You finna get your jonmac bro!"

Guy 2 "Shamone, I'm the Mo Fo Man!"

Guy 1 "Word"
by malcolm July 19, 2004
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a saying often used by black people that means "I understand what your saying"
idiot #1 Hey bro the man is keeping me down!
idiot #2 I hear your cry. I hear your cry
by malcolm March 12, 2004
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