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Schlumpadumpf - noun - the state your boy is in when he’s wasted as fuck and laying on the floor and making absolutely no sense. May also be used to refer to the individual himself.
“Yo what’s the move fam
“I’m schlumpadumpf
by PooPoo Garbage LLC February 3, 2019
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A throwaway phrase best used to make annoying/boring/stupid people think you're crazy, and therefore to get them to stop talking to you.
"Yo did you see last night's football game?"
"Sometimes I cry when I poop"
by PooPoo Garbage LLC February 28, 2022
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The hour immediately following Happy Hour.
"Let's get some Happy Hour drinks tonight!"
"Sorry guy, you just missed it."
"Aww... guess it's Sad Hour then."
by PooPoo Garbage LLC May 31, 2022
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When you cooperate so poorly that you're basically engaging in sabotage. Named after the game QWOP in which the pkayer character QWOP can hardly walk without extreme effort.
"What else do you want me to do man, I'm cooperating?"
"Na dude your work on this is trash. You're QWOPerating."
by PooPoo Garbage LLC May 25, 2022
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A poisonous cocktail of over 3,000 chemicals, most of which have not undergone any safety testing. Will make you fucked up as shit over time mentally and physically if you're stupid enough to have it in the indoor air you breathe all the time.
"Yo I bought some laundry detergent for the month"
"Dude that shit is so heavily fragranced, you're trying to poison us all you ignorant fuck"
by PooPoo Garbage LLC February 28, 2022
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A state of total apathy and belief that life is ultimately meaningless, brought on by long-term or high dose cannabis use.
"This gram a day life's got me feelin' the Cannihilism. Fuck it all."
by PooPoo Garbage LLC June 3, 2022
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A word which defines a person followed by McGhee. Used to refer to the person and/or to poke fun at their condition/interests.
"Hey man, we need to take a break, my ankle hurts."
"Whatever you say, Ankle McGhee."

"Brb I need a quick smoke break."
"Alright Cigs McGhee."

_____ McGhee
by PooPoo Garbage LLC October 4, 2021
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