A more sophisticated way of saying: "Yea, I'm the shit."
Girl: "Wow! You're a good dancer"
Boy: "Yea, I try"
by Arbag November 25, 2009
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When you are only mediocre at something and one one gives you more praise then you deserve.
Girl "You are really sweet"
Guy "I try"
by Jwild July 12, 2014
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Used by uk roadmen during the process of mugging someone
Roadman:"yo fam I like your bag can I try it on?"
by Massive log January 12, 2019
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Because it will all be worth it in the end
Why do I try: because it will all be worth it in the end; just keep pushing
by Lil Shady November 22, 2017
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A phrased used as a form of endearment to each other when one tries their best and is acknowledged by the other with care and transparency.
John - "I try my best to make you happy". Merry - "And you succeed in doing so".

Where others try to make the best out of life by succeeding to make others better off when doing so.

I try, you succeed.
by e1hanG November 21, 2020
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to warn, or past tense of warn or warning
"She keep asking are you ok..and I try Toll em you was"
"I try Toll em"
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the phrase used by wimps after any type of competition. If they lose the competition (game of COD, fight, wrestle off), they say "wow, i wasn't trying." If they somehow win, they say "wow, i beat you and i wasn't even trying"
Guy 1: Yo i destroyed you in COD. how did you end up with negative 16 deaths?
Guy 2: Yea, and how did that tiny ginger kid beat you up yesterday?
Wimp/Tool: Wow, i wasn't trying, obviously
by palabra up March 6, 2010
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