A person that cry's for everything, proud, happy sad, or mad moments. Full of emotion in a world that tells you to be yourself but when you are yourself sometimes one is ostracized...
Sheila has crier moments when she sees commercial of places she has traveled too. She loves to travel.
by Intellectual247 October 19, 2014
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A typically British term which refers to someone who is both tired and wants to cry.
Tired Cry Cried Depressed Upset
Carlin: Jade are you okay?
Jade: ....
Conall: She looks really criered
by SuzieTheNote July 20, 2020
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Someone who looks hideous, while they're crying
Oh my god, doris is really cute.
But shes such an ugly crier.
by Girth_Quake February 20, 2014
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A person that is beautiful when they cry. Their eyes shine when they cry. (blue and green eyes mainly)
"Jen you're such a pretty crier, you should cry before leaving the house everyday."
by AAAABOOK July 27, 2017
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When a man and a woman are having sexual relations in the missionary position, and the man fits his entire scrotum into the woman's vagina, and then slapping his penis onto the top of the woman's pubic area while mimicing the sound of a large bell followed by exclaiming the time of day and then the phrase "And all is well". It is part of the Colonial Times sexual moves.
"Ben Reilly gave me a Town Crier last night! It was awesome!"
"4 o' Clock and all is well!"
by Babyballs October 6, 2006
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When someone is really emotional and cries during every show/movie/commercial/etc they watch
Man I cried more than 5 times watching the series finale of The Office just now and I can't stop. I'm definitely a serial crier.
by coolbeansdude April 24, 2016
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