On Reddit.com: An anonymous account created for temporary use; typically used to admit to something that cannot be traced back to you or your primary account.
OP: Hey Reddit, what's your deepest darkest secret?

Throwaway23456: I cheated on my girlfriend with her best friend. Throwaway used because she knows my real username.
by throwawayforreddit December 27, 2013
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(noun) A firearm that is acquired and used that has absolutely no direct or concrete connections with its temporary owner and user. More often than not such firearms are acquired for felonious purposes done in secret. Once such deeds have been completed the implement is then wiped clean of fingerprints and thrown away by the owner never to be reunited together again. Shhhhhhh…..
Dougie sure was a clever fellow, he also talked a lot of shit and raised a lot of hell. Because he enjoyed doing so he always kept a throwaway within arm’s reach in case somebody wanted to get cute and deep six his ass. But I tell ya he had to have deep-sixed a few himself cause I’ve seen him have at least half a dozen throwaways since I’ve known him.
by Nikki Stixx September 28, 2021
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slang term- a gun that can be used and thrown away because it was relatively inexpensive.
I have a glock 9 but when I want to kill someone, I use a cheap throwaway 22 caliber rifle. Basically I pull up to a nigguz house and wait. Then I see him in the scope and I bust a round in his fuckin head. The rifle only cost $110 so I throw it away after I clean the fingerprints off.
by J Norman May 6, 2004
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Songs that a rapper made while in this process of making an album that didn't make it to the album and that they usually don't release unless it's leaked or they feel like dropping it
No Lie was supposed on Die Lit but it ended up being a throwaway.
by idk89 March 31, 2019
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A female/male whom one uses for sex and then gets rid of.
by Dizzy Devil D April 9, 2009
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throwaways are guns, ex. glock preferably automatic
in trae's song, a houston rapper, throwaways... "bustin outta escalades, all of us got throwaways.."
by hydro skunk 420 November 5, 2007
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a character used in a story or backstory to simply give reason for something; little to no detail is provided about them and they usually aren't necessary in the story at all
An example of a throwaway character: Bob had a mom who raised him but then he left to sail the seven and a half seas.

"Why is this considered a throwaway character?"
"Well, so what if he had a mom that raised him? The mom has no purpose in the story."
by CoolCaleb04 December 8, 2018
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