When two experts on opposing sides of a court case are put in a witness box to debate an issue, while the courtroom observes.

Used in various international courts to determine which expert is more credible.
We have to prepare the expert to go hot tubbing with Dr Smiles. He is a real shark.
by Humphreyneworleans May 20, 2016
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A place for sex and relaxation. (But mostly sex.)
"Yo, me and da hommies gonna chill in mah hot tub."
by ??? December 30, 2003
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When a woman is sweating intensely inside her vagina so that it forms a "lake" of sweat. The penis then stirs the sweat in a circle to push it farther down the vag.
Tom: Two bros chillin' in a hot tub

Angelique: aww man, yeah let's do this, it's so nice
Michael: nah bruv, that's gross
by FloMhmLegga November 10, 2020
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To use a hot tub. To engage in activities which are primarily centered in or around a hot tub.
The hot tubbing experience is often made more interesting with lots of naked people.
by Reverend Chaos September 7, 2003
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its when you put your cock in someones mouth and piss while its in there.
i gave this bitch the hot tub last night
by SATIR3 June 4, 2011
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Performing sexual acts in a hot tub
Jaye - Ya we did it in a hot tub!

Grady - Oh you hot tubbed? How was it?
by Grado Potato December 14, 2009
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A sexual maneuver reserved for the extreme. Prior to coitus, the female inserts a curling iron or other warming instrument into her vagina. The warmth and physical stimulation produces a chamber much like a hot tub for the male to insert his penis into. Following insertion, the male refrains from any movement, initiating a warm and relaxing soak.

Not to be performed with a pregnant woman.
"Yo Jacob, did you hear Karl got a hot tub last night from Jenny?"
"Haha I did, Karl fell asleep."
by Merriweather Clark December 16, 2009
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