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1. A student at Miami University of Ohio.

2. An imaginary creature easily recognised by its premantly popped collar.
Break out the J-Crew catilogs...here come the Redhawks.
by ??? February 16, 2005
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A person that displays the following physical and mental characteristics: permed hockey mullet, wears pop bottle glasses, trailer park style white trash, old bag, pedafile, teaches her little kid to play grab ass, looks like a squirrel and tries to get nuts, always shares her sex life or lack of sex life, its been said that love is a bag away, well for the squirrel master it is more like love is a body bag away.
Cindy at the coffee pot is the squirrel master.
by ??? April 23, 2003
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The butt of all jokes, he not only embarrassed America, but the whole human race.
There was no way in hell that George W. Bush excel in a Ivy League school because he lacks intelligence.
by ??? June 2, 2003
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Oriniginated in the streets of Washington, DC. Usually used as an adverb, verb, and adjective. To excite or or invigorate.
(Most often with the suffix 'ed'.
Joe was just hired by Pizza Hut, he's psyced. OR The honey is cute, watch me psyce her up and get her number.
by ??? April 25, 2003
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smal town a littles ways from nowhere. Also know as p-town.
Hey, lets go hang in Petaluma!
Wheres that?
Umm, north of san francisco?
by ??? February 13, 2005
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Sexii mofo ... who goes to Iowa State .. n is owned by his massstaa .. NAMMSTRADAMOUS ... muhahahaha. jk .... hes super awesomee ... guys should learn from him ... *mwuah*
Hey ain't that .. that sexi dude Subhash.. whos owned by supa dupa dupa supa sexxii Namita??
by ??? November 30, 2003
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