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The butt of all jokes, he not only embarrassed America, but the whole human race.
There was no way in hell that George W. Bush excel in a Ivy League school because he lacks intelligence.
by ??? June 01, 2003

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im so tired of asians who think they are the best and have sns like aznboi4life and shit. i am asian and i dont think we are better than anyone else. asians are just people from asia
asians are just people
by ??? August 02, 2004

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A pouch or other device used to hold items usually worn around the waist. Most often used as an alternative to a man-purse.
Frank keeps his lube and lipstick in his fanny pack.
by ??? September 27, 2003

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A place for sex and relaxation. (But mostly sex.)
"Yo, me and da hommies gonna chill in mah hot tub."
by ??? December 29, 2002

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A guy or girl who has the combination of both looks and personality, sense of humor, etc.
It's rare to find someone that has the total package.
by ??? August 05, 2003

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When a guy gets so fat he gets boobs.
Joseph, who lives in orange county, has moobs
by ??? November 09, 2004

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a series that i have died waiting to see and was upset to see how much they screwed it up.

it makes me so made when ppl have to wreak a incredabley cool show, I JUST WANNA SPEAR ALL THE WRITERS AND THEN FINISH THEM OF WITH A JACKHAMMER
Creators of Dragonball GT

....YOUR NEXT!!!!!!!!
by ??? March 22, 2004

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