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Oriniginated in the streets of Washington, DC. Usually used as an adverb, verb, and adjective. To excite or or invigorate.
(Most often with the suffix 'ed'.
Joe was just hired by Pizza Hut, he's psyced. OR The honey is cute, watch me psyce her up and get her number.
by ??? April 25, 2003
Meanwood, the most boring place in Leeds, it should be another word for boredom, it has nothing apart from a Netto supermarket and a few other shops. Rows of middle class houses after each other…boring…yawn.

Surprisingly, it’s also home of one of the most popular 5-a-side football teams…Meanwood Men F.C. who play in the Goals Mens league. They were previously 5 times winners of the Goals Youth League and have now made the step up. Meanwood Men are known to have a bad disciplinary record, I should know…I’ve sent a few of them off.
Another player is sent off from Meanwood.
by ??? April 6, 2005
top 10 rappers

9)Snoop Dogg
8)Method Man
7)Dr Dre
6)50 Cent
5)Notorious B.I.G.
by ??? March 12, 2004
A combination of the word cheeto, and the word penis. Also known as cheese penis.
My grandmother said not to play with my cheenus anymore.
by ??? June 7, 2003
1. The type or gender of something

2. To strip down in front of the opposite gender and fuck each other
"OO baby. o ya lets hav sex!"
by ??? February 19, 2005