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Oriniginated in the streets of Washington, DC. Usually used as an adverb, verb, and adjective. To excite or or invigorate.
(Most often with the suffix 'ed'.
Joe was just hired by Pizza Hut, he's psyced. OR The honey is cute, watch me psyce her up and get her number.
by ??? April 25, 2003
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smal town a littles ways from nowhere. Also know as p-town.
Hey, lets go hang in Petaluma!
Wheres that?
Umm, north of san francisco?
by ??? February 13, 2005
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1. The type or gender of something

2. To strip down in front of the opposite gender and fuck each other
"OO baby. o ya lets hav sex!"
by ??? February 18, 2005
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A old word that was used to describe something excellent, great and like everyone else said on here, 'cool'.
by ??? August 05, 2003
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