Karl, meaning "manly" or "free man."

Origin: French, German, Slovac, Scandinavian.

Karl is a good guy. He doesn't get up in the morning to please you, but if he gets the chance, he'll make your day. He is intelligent, witty, and uber hilarious. His image is sharp, well put together, and good looking. He has a certain charm about him that makes him easy to get along with. Strong hearted.
I met this awesome guy the other day...

by InsertPseudonymRightHurrr January 6, 2012
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Messy organization. Very detail-oriented and precise. Strives to always be on-time. Tends to see the best in others. A Karl will give up their own comfort to ensure a loved one is taken care of first. An all-around type, Karl's will dominate any task given and perfect it if putting their mind to it. Very athletic. Loves intamacy and affection. Can sometimes overwhelm the opposite sex with attention, but it's not their intention. Karl is very giving and unselfish. Makes sure his lover is pleased before satisfying his own desires. Great kisser. Despite age, Karl adapts very well to any crowd they're in. Ability to read emotions in others is not a strong point, but Karl is always willing to listen. Playful personalities and humor will always play a big role in getting to know a Karl.
Girl #1: "3 times!"
Girl #2: "No way! 3 times?!"
Girl #1: "Yes! 3 times in a row! I didn't even have to do anything! Karl is best I've ever had!"
by maljohn33 June 7, 2011
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The worlds greatest partner and father. This man will go to hell and back for his family happily and come back to fight another war here on earth. This man is a provider, protector and professes, he has Steve Harvey has stamped this God of a man.
by ReacePeace November 21, 2018
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He's the guy that you never forget, because once he's got your heart, you never want him to give it back.
He has a lot of silly tantrums, but no-body minds because he's a nice guy. He is also very very random with a wierdly shaped head and loves his family very much.
If you find a karl who tells you he loves you, believe him and most importantly; let him.
Karl - 'i will always be yours.'
Girl - 'i know.
by Miss kj February 5, 2010
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A person who is genuine at heart, the envy of all men and loved by all women. Women can't get enough of Karl's, they tend to be fit, healthy have awesome bodies and huge down stairs. Karl's are magicians in the bedroom, have sex with lots of really hot women (total sex gods).
oh my god she is so hot...... yeah Karl would have already had her.
by Encarta 2010 February 4, 2010
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The most gorgeous boy you will ever meet, charming, funny smart and the love of your life. Charming in every country, good at everything, great at being a boyfriend. Great at being a one in a million guy. Very sporty and looks good every minute of every day
Wow, There goes Karl, he is so cool
by Marathon1 February 16, 2010
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