10 definitions by Reverend Chaos

1. To pardon one's self of foul language.
2. To pardon one's self of going against the grain of social establishment, political correctness, fundamental beliefs, or popular culture.
Pardon my french, but I dont really like shopping at the Gap.
by Reverend Chaos September 6, 2003
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A slang term that actually began it's use in the late 60's/early 70's. Popularized by the pop culture of the time. Used to describe something very favorable or pleasing. Great. Very nice.
Cheech: Hey man, look at this car made out of weed!
Chong: Oh cool beans, man!
by Reverend Chaos January 13, 2004
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The end of all. The opposite of life.
*knock knock*

Entity at door: Hello, my name's Grim Reaper and I've come to take you...

Unshaven man wearing only his boxers: Oh, your that death guy right? Ok, just wait for a second while I get my shoes.

Entity at door: No
by Reverend Chaos September 4, 2003
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To use a hot tub. To engage in activities which are primarily centered in or around a hot tub.
The hot tubbing experience is often made more interesting with lots of naked people.
by Reverend Chaos September 7, 2003
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Misconduct. Wrong doing. Grave error. Often associated with, or the result of stupidity.
It should be a sin for people to be so blatantly ignorant that they lay blame on others for problems they've brought on themselves.
by Reverend Chaos September 3, 2003
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Pride, envy, anger, sloth, greed, gluttony, and lust. Seven acts of human nature. That fact supports the philosophically acceptable belief that said sins only become sin when largely overindulged in. Extreme overindulgence of which are the results of stupidity and can in fact lead to death.
Devotee: So you mean Father that I can do all those things as long as I think and use my head?

Oh So Holy One: Yes son, just be sure and wash your hair afterwards.
by Reverend Chaos September 4, 2003
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