A place for sex and relaxation. (But mostly sex.)
"Yo, me and da hommies gonna chill in mah hot tub."
by ??? December 30, 2003
It is when you ejaculate into a girls mouth, have her gargle the semen and while she is doing that, dip your balls in her mouth.
Dude it was so crazy I got so drunk with my girl last night we did the Hot Tub.
by Dr. Smals March 24, 2009
A place where rich gangstas bring their girls to have sex.
Erica and I had alot of fun in the hot tub while smokin' weed.
by GaNkIeSta2003 May 4, 2003
When you have a bag of cocaine or other drug in a bag and insert it into a woman's vagina or anus or a male's anus; and with a straw; snort out the drugs.
"Last night I got really deep into the Hot Tub"

"My drugs got warmed up so much when i was hot tubbing last night because they were so deep within this hoes vagina. when I snorted them I felt like my nose was on fire"

"Good thing I had a straw with me otherwise I never would have been able to get to the drugs, I had to jump in the hot tub for them"

"I went to this hoes house last night to pick up some drugs and she was so desperate for action that she stuck the bag up her anus and told me to take a dip in the hot tub"

" I got invited to a party and the invitation said it was a "Hot Tub party" so I assumed to bring my bathing suit... When I got there, everyone was naked..... Some were leaned over tables, chairs and couches and others had straws in their hands and were inserting them into peoples vagina's and anus's"
by J HaZe April 23, 2009
When two experts on opposing sides of a court case are put in a witness box to debate an issue, while the courtroom observes.

Used in various international courts to determine which expert is more credible.
We have to prepare the expert to go hot tubbing with Dr Smiles. He is a real shark.
by Humphreyneworleans May 20, 2016
To use a hot tub. To engage in activities which are primarily centered in or around a hot tub.
The hot tubbing experience is often made more interesting with lots of naked people.
by Reverend Chaos September 7, 2003
its when you put your cock in someones mouth and piss while its in there.
i gave this bitch the hot tub last night
by SATIR3 June 4, 2011