POV: You are here from the definition of Urban Dictionary and decided to see what shark meant even though you already know what it means, and just want to see some random sexual definition.

Anyways, a shark is a sea creature.
Jimmy: *looks for the definition of Urban Dictionary on Urban Dictionary*
Also Jimmy: *sees the definition that contains the word shark*

Jimmy again: *looks for shark*
Shaniqua: ay lil timmy you ain gonna look up da definishin of shawrk becu you saw tha shi on th definitshin of urb dic right lil squart?
by DrizzyXL September 30, 2020
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When you got so curious about that Urban dictionary definition (not mine), you decided to look up "shark" thinking you would find the definition "Apparently a way to have sex", although you very well know what a shark is (a sea animal that eats blood). Well, NO!
Did you look up "shark" on Urban Dictionary just to find a sexual definition?
by URB4N D1C710N4RY April 1, 2021
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an aquatic animal that lives under the ocean sea. watch out for land sharks and sharknados which can happen on land tho. most sharks are under water tho. they eat meat
by colininthehouse October 9, 2018
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you for real searched up shark hoping to find a sexual definition, you horny bastard

a sea animal
sharks live underwater

shark isnt a sexual definition you horny bastard
by radius97 February 25, 2023
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often used in pool or billiards to describe a hustler or very talented player.
There are pool sharks in many Paul Newman movies.
by Jonathan February 18, 2004
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A car or a stolen car.
"my boys was inna shark last night where was you?"
by stepaGSR October 17, 2023
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