An object that the chair leg girl, ( a girl from Miramichi, New Brunswick that stuck a chair leg up her vag and then sent the picture around to everyone) stuck up her vagina for pleasure and then told everyone. Also an item that you can curl your hair with (:
Oh that curling iron feels so good ! but i can also curl my hair with it !
by Sandy1234567890 October 17, 2010
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When a girl doesn't have a dildo on her so she goes to the bathroom and uses a curling iron instead
The SFA chick uses a California Curling iron in her dorm room.
by BBQpringle May 5, 2015
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you wrap the hair of your lady friend around your erect penis and commence to masturbate and shoot your ejaculate down the back of her neck.
hey tom dizzle i did what you said and gave my girl a mississippi curling iron haahaha!!!
by Tom dizzle June 22, 2011
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The sensation one feels when one’s partner too eagerly rams his dick in their ass without allowing sufficient time to prepare.
Miguel needs to learn how to top. He just threw it in last night and it felt like someone shoved a hot curling iron up my ass. I've still got Hot Curling Iron Syndrome.
by CumSlvt October 13, 2016
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Adj used to label someone that is so gay they change others straight habits into curly habits similar to a curling iron curling hair straight hair
by Poelator February 12, 2018
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