A curvy and vicious woman. Extremely intelligent, generally diplomatic, and always straightforward. Their impulsive and emotional nature could cause them to behave in ways that they later regret. Although, they are quick-tempered their anger is short-lived, and if ever they happen to get too carried away they will be eager to patch things up and re-establish the peace, which they hold so dear. Their presence is both calming and reassuring, their somewhat phlegmatic attitude being comforting and attractive. Nevertheless, they are actually excessively nervous and conscientious women who are perfectionists by nature. These sensitive creatures tend to be very attached to their home and family. Thus, domestic harmony is essential to their well-being and a parental dispute could have disastrous effects on their emotional equilibrium. They could therefore be tempted to run away to avoid being confronted with constant stress.
Damn, shawty got ass and brains! Her name must be Jaye
by DJhitthat July 9, 2018
These nachos are Jaye
You look so Jaye
by Jaye_therese May 14, 2007
A super funny nice guy whos great at football can dribble amazing and gets tons of girls a person who is not afraid of knowone not even adults a good person in general
Girl1- Oh man that boys so "Jaye"

Oh gosh hes so handsome hes such a"Jaye"
by Samaria Cambria March 23, 2017
the name jaye comes from Louisiana and some parts of Ireland. Jaye describes a beautiful girl with a sharp, sexy neeky personality. loud! Can be nice. Smile is also deadly pronounced as either "jeye-ay" or "jay" depends on their mood Don't mess with a jaye Their badass dont take anything they say personally it's them hyping
omg look over there, she's so cool I bet her names "Jaye"
WHY THE fCK is she so loud "jaye" I'm guessing.
by sassynames.hype May 28, 2017
Jaye is such a strong amazing young woman with a kind heart she has amazing advice and can always make you laugh
“Jaye is my best friend
“Jaye is so cool!”
by UrBestfriend🤷🏻‍♀️ November 22, 2018
The sexiest dark skin boy you'll ever meet. I promise your dad will hate him but you love him to death. Has big feet too so you know what that means
"Damn she's lucky to be dating a jaye"
by Putanena March 15, 2017
the hottest dude alive. he cosplays, is gay and has a humongous pp. he also is married to L Lawliet and Hange Zoë.
Kadence: "omg did you see Jaye?" Jojo: "omg yes he legit looks so hot today"
by bakaowo_pisskink July 27, 2021