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(n.) A person fluent in Engrish, English, and Japanese
(adj.) Stylish; fedora-wearing
(v.) To approach a girl (or girls) with a sweet sushi-rice charm
(1) A Hiroki just walked in the room I should ask him to translate that asian guy's english
(2) Dude! You are definitely pulling off that hat, way Hiroki man.
(3) Hey, I'll call you back I'm about to Hiroki that group over there and need my phone for digits, love you Mok.
by emok32 December 16, 2010
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The best asian kid you will ever find. Extremely nice and funny but watch out, because if you steal his juice box he will hate you for life. Hiroki’s also tend to have weird holes in their chest, which is their best party trick. If you find a Hiroki never let him go because he will steal your girl and your juiceboxes. A Hiroki’s preferred insult is cunt
Hiroki: You fucking cunt you snaked my juice box
by Nipslips October 31, 2018
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