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When a woman cums excessively and at will.
Steve: Have you seen Marie's party trick?

Shane: Yeah, there must be at least two litres gushing out of her!!!
by Jerard_Con_Carne December 03, 2005
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The act by which your friend steals your stuff while you're not looking and puts them in his pants in a horrible manner and you can only sit and watch.
*John takes Barry's car keys while John talks to Joe*

Barry: "Hey John"
John: "What?"
*Barry holds up keys*
Barry: "Party trick"
John: "Oh god..."

*Barry pushes the keys up one leg of his pants, into the crotch area, and then reaches up the other leg, pulls them out, and hands them back to John*
by semisi sole June 03, 2014
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Something that is cool, but completely has no practical use
"Have you seen Tom's party trick? H ed can down 5 beers in 10 seconds."
by Fastdriver1227 January 30, 2019
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