Although wrong. Some people like to write aswell instead of as well.

Yeah I like that as well

I am going there aswell.
by aswellas August 30, 2008
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The illiterate/idiot way of spelling "as well". How is this even possible when every phone has autocorrect? Did you TEACH your phone a made up word so it would remember it and reward your stupidity?
I might aswel give up now. Proper spelling is doomed.
by cmc123inabox December 27, 2016
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A shortened version of the phrase "as well" that is much easier to type and makes complete sense as a word by it self.
Jenny! I would like some of that cake aswel! Dont you eat it all.
by Needed ahah November 01, 2015
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People can say aswell or as well but people who say as well are not good in the head
by Nomiiiiiii November 08, 2020
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It means I love you too so if somebody happens to tell you “The moon is pretty tonight” it could possibly mean somebody is trying to tell you they love you.
Andy:”The moon is pretty today
Nina:”The stars aswell :”
by You’re random lady July 23, 2021
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