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Someone being annoying but in a cute way and come sometimes mean the person calling you dorky likes you...
You're so dorky you know that
by Password :) September 14, 2020
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Nathaniel - a famous writer. Scarlet Letter.
Someone who likes games.
Hai - someone who uses chatspeak.
He - generally male.
Your whole family is dorky, generally, if you're a dork. Someone who stays up all night doing homework is dorky.
by Lionelxxoo June 05, 2012
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Meaning One:To act 'silly', 'foolish', 'stupidly' or in other words to act like a dork.
Meaning Two:Dorky is a WinBoard computer chess program for Windows.
A conversation between person A and person B:
Person A: Lol, why was the teacher so slack to the asian kid, saying "Two Wongs don't make a White."
Person B: ROFL, man that's so dorky.
by suki~ June 30, 2006
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