2 definitions by emok32

(n.) A student at this university who does not write a ~3 paragraphs of definition of 'Purdue' in response to a student bashing IU and ND and then ending with a claim of complete apathy to what Purdue has to say

(n.) One who is not a dumbass from IU
That whiny bitch is from IU he's bitching and moaning on urban dictionary inaccurate rankings and a small dick, definitely not a Purdue student.

Indiana University, keeping ugly girls out of Purdue since 1869, Purdue University, keeping IU guys from losing their virginities since 1820.
by emok32 December 15, 2010
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(n.) A person fluent in Engrish, English, and Japanese
(adj.) Stylish; fedora-wearing
(v.) To approach a girl (or girls) with a sweet sushi-rice charm
(1) A Hiroki just walked in the room I should ask him to translate that asian guy's english
(2) Dude! You are definitely pulling off that hat, way Hiroki man.
(3) Hey, I'll call you back I'm about to Hiroki that group over there and need my phone for digits, love you Mok.
by emok32 December 16, 2010
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