Asian kid is the name given to anyone of asian/pacific- islander decent (even half asians) Mostly used in dominantly caucasian communities where half the population can be found shouting "COME HERE ASIAN KID!" or "WE LOVE ASIANS."

I should know, I'm one of those asian kids.

Anyways, asian kids are thought to be extremely smart. Math especially. But often times, we're all just blonde asians.

Oh, and don't tell us to "open our eyes" or to "wake up." You blind fools, our eyes are open. Not all asians have "asian eyes." And even those who do, we CAN see out of them, dipsticks.

Asian kids are often loved simply because they're asian. And if they're not an "asian nerd" they're just flat out loved because of our asian nature to be kind, hospitable, considerate, polite, respectable, respecting, and intelligent. Something not most people have.
things often said to an asian kid;

scene kid: OMG ASIAN KID! i luhhh yewwww.

horndog: asians are sooo fine.

other asian kid: asian twin! word, we need to stick together.

ignorant person: what's wrong with your eyes? why can't you open them? can i touch your asian eyes!

teacher: *teachers like us in general*

white nerd: dang, asian kid, why are you so smart.

side note: I've given up on being called the name my parents gave me. I'm eternally known as asian.
by asianlove October 12, 2008
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Basically an asian kid with a haircut that makes him look like a nutsack.

Will usually wander around going to different tables at lunch.

Once shit himself when spelling his last name.

Mediocre Clarinet Player but not as bad as Gabe
Student: Is that a walking nutsack?
Other Student: Nah, it's just Andrew
Andrew the Asian Kid : WAHT
by TheLoafGeneral September 15, 2018
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Being disturbingly good at mundane tasks, or mastering a difficult skill at a young age. This term can apply to all races tho. This term comes from the numerous videos of Asian kids performing insane feats, usually found on Facebook or Youtube.

Note that whatever is performed has to be unusual in some way, shape or form. Daft Hands, calculator covers of songs, etc.
,, Ayo, have you seen that video of some guy playing Senbonzakura on three calculators?''
,, No way, how does he do that?''
,, Asian kid energy, that's how.''
by McAlpa April 4, 2020
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