a relative measure of a person's ability to use and understand a language: usually suggests an evolved mastery of not only what a word means, but also the connotations that are related to it
On a particularly balmy day in Moscow, I exclaimed, "ya tyoply," or "I'm hot." If I were fluent in Russian, I would have known that "ya tyoply" suggests that "I am horny," and that "mne teplo," or literally "it is hot to me," is more appropriate.
by Randy and Nick May 7, 2007
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A word used for emphasis. Makes you sound kinda "cheerleaderish" when you use it.
"that minger is fluent ew"

"that guy is a fluent hottie."
by thunderpossum February 3, 2010
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a term used to describe a man whom gets all the ladies.
My friend Alan is not ''Fluent''
by fucktyler November 3, 2013
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The Fluent Trickle is when a man, preferably in his 60s, starts having a seizure over his daughters breasts.

As the man is proceeding with the seizure the daughter will start to drink the saliva that is vigorously coming out of her fathers mouth. After that has happened the daughter will shave her pubic hair and will start to put each individual pube in her fathers bellend. Only to have the father ejaculate it in the daughters ass.
Me and my daddy were going to go shopping today, but instead he forced me to do the Fluent Trickle
by LE HENTAI November 17, 2016
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A cognizance of meaning in text that is riddled with typographical errors. Typically used to prevent individuals from sending repeated corrections for spelling errors.
sms from Jane: "Wil met yuo @ 6ish"
2 seconds later...

sms from Jane: "Will = Will, met = meet, yuo = you"
sms from John: "No worries, I'm fluent in typo"
by EkoZulu March 23, 2011
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When you don't know majority of the words in the English language, so you just make up your own words, or you substitute in the wrong words for different meanings.
Shanay-Nay: What will happen to me if I drink this ???

Mashira: You will get inflamaragimato.

Shanay-Nay: Whats that ???

Mashira: Its when your colonizationalator burns.

Shanay-Nay: What language are you speaking ???

Mashira: Its Fluent Nonsense.
by kallmekween October 29, 2010
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