Synonymous with pussy, cunt, box, twat, or vagina.
Man, dawg, I want to eat her juice box.
by bodhicide June 5, 2005
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a vagina, especially one that is plump (perhaps resembling a clenched fist) and contains in inordinate amount of juices, ready to burst
D: Marv, I'm telling you, man, you should have seen the juice box on this broad; it was just oozing.

M: Well, then, I guess the juice was loose, huh?
by the lexicographer February 25, 2009
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A juice box.
the bestest way to drink your juice.

ex. HiC Fruit Punk -Juice box.
D:"Hey Kenny, do you like juice boxes?"
D:"Well i like juice boxes!"
K:"Okay, i like juice boxes.."
D:"And the world was happy!!"
by [D] January 27, 2008
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To urinate when one's penis is in another's butt.
She wouldn't let me go frontal anal, so I juice boxed her when I was done. That showed her good...
by Matt3245456435 December 23, 2008
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A name used to call somebody gay.
jack: Whats up juice box?
Dave: What?
by whatthesmoke February 27, 2008
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used to describe someone who is flamingly gay or extremely faggish
(not a word to be directed at actuall homosexuals)
"dude, stop being such a juice box... you're freakin me out"
by tyler November 18, 2004
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