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Synonymous with pussy, cunt, box, twat, or vagina.
Man, dawg, I want to eat her juice box.
by bodhicide June 05, 2005
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When a dude and babe are having sex, and the pre-come, natural lubricant, and eventual ejaculation turn the babes pussy into a "juicebox". added to this becuase of the "juicebox" a squelching noise may be heard while the dude pushes his dick back and forth.

"emily needed to clean up her juicebox after the hot sex fest her and joey had"
by xbeatdownx November 12, 2007
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friend 1: damn bro! you hit it off Lyssa

friend 2: yeah man it was good too

friend 1: was her juicebox good?

friend 2: yeah man. her juicebox was so wet. it was the best pussy i ever had
by meezy mane January 17, 2009
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