1.That fucker just snaked me.
2.I though he could be trusted but he
snaked me.
by camman March 18, 2005
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When a deceitful human literally slithers around behind someone's back and screws them over without the mark knowing it
1. Caitlin snaked the fuck out of that guy
2. Can you believe how they snaked me out of a job?? What a bunch of legless slitherin' fucks.
by therealnga September 11, 2019
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Stole or stolen.

(syn. Ganked, Snatched)
- "I just snaked that dude's wallet."

- "Yo' shit just got snaked!"
by Youlikethetasteofsteel? August 7, 2006
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when someone gets you from the back while in a fight so basically getting jumped
that wasn’t a fair fight, she snaked you
by someone teeheee November 7, 2019
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Commonly used in glasgow banter when describing the act of making love to someone. Very crude term to use, so would be used as an alternative to such words as Rattled, Banged, "Pumped Rotten" etc... Would not be used towards someone you respected in any case.
Glasgow Slang - "Aww Man, ye shouda seen the wee durty a got aff wae it eh dancin last nite. wiz gaggin fur it, but she wiz on the rag... tell yeh wit tho, next time ah see her, she's well gettin SNAKED"

Translated - "I Say, Samuel. You really should have seen the lovely fair lady i embraced in a kiss with only but an evening ago. She wished to retire to my humble abode to make passionate love, but unfortunately her monthly period was in full flow. However, count it as most certain; next time we meet she will, without a doubt, be getting SNAKED"

"So where are you staying once we arrive in Florida? Ever been SNAKED on a plane?"
by Mr Rendell November 14, 2006
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Removing an object too fast during anal sexual activity that causes the person receiving to deficate.
Much like a plumber "snakes" a drain.
Last night, while fucking Jayme in the ass, I snaked her. She blasted a shit nugget across the room, and it stuck to the mirror.
by gerbilmuncher March 30, 2011
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when someone your are closely related to takes your girlfriend out from under you
dude you snaked my girfriend
by quickquack February 14, 2008
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