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that one girl is the girl everyone is afraid of. she is the biggest hoe and gets all the boys. she is not afraid to steal someone’s man, especially if that one girl and his girlfriend have beef. stay away from that one girl at all costs. they are not good
“why did you and tommy break up?” “that one girl stole him”

“who’s that one girl over there?” “oh she’s a man steal. his your mans from her”
by that one girl’s one girl November 14, 2018
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That One girl at your table for lunch that everyone doesn’t like but is to scared to ask her to leave. When you and your friends are whispering then you start laughing you will join in on the laughs nd when you are talking to someone besides her she will lean in and stare at you while you are talking. She is also the one girl that no one likes in the grade and you sit at the only table that won’t be mean and tell her to leave. She is also the girl that always texts everyone in the grade to come over but turns out only getting three people.
Oh look at that one girl sitting at the table with those girls
She looks weird and is trying to join in on the conversation!
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by Anonymous True Person February 19, 2019
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