that one girl is the girl everyone is afraid of. she is the biggest hoe and gets all the boys. she is not afraid to steal someone’s man, especially if that one girl and his girlfriend have beef. stay away from that one girl at all costs. they are not good
“why did you and tommy break up?” “that one girl stole him”

“who’s that one girl over there?” “oh she’s a man steal. his your mans from her”
by that one girl’s one girl November 14, 2018
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That One girl at your table for lunch that everyone doesn’t like but is to scared to ask her to leave. When you and your friends are whispering then you start laughing you will join in on the laughs nd when you are talking to someone besides her she will lean in and stare at you while you are talking. She is also the one girl that no one likes in the grade and you sit at the only table that won’t be mean and tell her to leave. She is also the girl that always texts everyone in the grade to come over but turns out only getting three people.
Oh look at that one girl sitting at the table with those girls
She looks weird and is trying to join in on the conversation!
by Anonymous True Person February 19, 2019
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Like Two Girls One Cup but with half the girls and twice the coprophilia. Probably not consensual, most likely the most disgusting thing you will ever watch, and 100% Japanese (but you won't be turning Japanese with this video).

Absolutely disgusting.
(in a college dorm)

"Hey Sherm, come check this out!"
"What is it?"
"One Girl One Plate."

(sounds of choking, gagging, and barfing cause the RA to enter)

"Guys, keep it down, it's late. What is this? Oh great, she's pooping. GET SOME!"

by Copenick January 25, 2009
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When you are drunk and with a large group of friends and there is only one female with you, all the males will try and pull her regardless of looks, availability etc.
John: Last night Amanda lost her virginity, usually she doesn't get any attention from guys but the lads were suffering from one girl syndrome.
by scottblabla April 16, 2009
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Some shit only lowkey gay niggas agree to.
Sally: Want to have a threesome?
Bob: Fuck you read my mind.
Sally: Cool but it's two guys one girl

Bob: That's some gay shit
by MrBeaches February 24, 2018
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1. A phrase used by a male when he is totally besotted with one female and does not express any particular interest in any other member of the female race. Basically does not stop thinking about this one female to the point of insanity.

2. A sneaky phrase used by a male to remove himself from the big hole that is when a dirty chav girls shows interest in him.
1. Josh: "That chick in HMV is buff, she is eyein us up bare"
Morgan: "Mate you know the score two eyes one girl!"

2. Dirty Chav:"Oi sexy boy, can i have your number"
Wilson:"sorry,two eyes one girl" <then breezes away
by airdrawndagger December 8, 2004
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-The girl who eats hot Cheetos and Takis in class and wears cheap, ugly clothing. They sometimes will break the dress code for fun or wear bandanas as headbands to look cool. This girl calls other people a hoe even when she is a hoe. And refers to her friends by "best friend", they also talking in slang all the time so no one can understand them. Usually they wear Filas and heavy ugly shoes. They usually are white or tan but call themselves 'dark" or "black". They have big hoops and try to look as cool as possible.
-"Look at Sophia, she's that one ghetto girl!"
-"She definitely breaking the rules, so ghetto, shes that one ghetto girl."
-"It's funny how she thinks shes cool, but shes just that one ghetto girl wannabe"
by Bloody Fucking Tampons August 20, 2019
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