to be as funny or pleasing or to have high degree of humor as Hillary.

Early 21st century Native American: from Vietnam mixed German background ( from Greek hilaros 'cheerful' ) + ous. The sense ' exceedingly amusing ' dates from 2019.
Me: You're so Hillarious
Hillary: Haha that is so punny of you! ;)
by Cyronious October 1, 2019
Of or pertaining to Hillary Clinton and amusing in the extreme.
His plan for universal health care was Hillariously unworkable.

"Sure, deck your limbs in pants;
Yours are the limbs, my sweeting.
You look divine as you advance,
Hillarious when retreating."
--Ogden Nash, with some modification
by Nomen Nescio February 20, 2008
anything that Hillary Hagar says
-"ohh i just bit into something spicy"

-"ahaha that was a Hillarious moment!"
by kasriina February 8, 2011
The act of deleting emails or messages.
My email is running out of storage so I need to Hillary It.
by Monica clinton October 12, 2016
The act of failing or imploding at something that was, and should have been, all but assured.
The 2015 Warriors are down 3-2 to the Cavs? They are totally hillarying these finals.
by chAMPIRE November 12, 2016
A pretty and gentle girl...She would hate to see you sad and have strong feelings but would keep her head up through hard stuff and is very confident about herself.
And you should respect a Hillary because she will take care of you and will always support you
"You are such a Hillary :)"
"You are respectful like a Hillary"
by Hills_89 March 4, 2018
Hillary is an amazing person with a kind heart. She is mentally crazy in a good way. She is funny, caring and crazy. But in inside of her is a savage girl thats swears.
Person 1 - Hi , have you been a Hillary today?
Person 2 - Yeah i have.
by WolfGamer357 January 9, 2018