An annoying laugh used when something is funny. Generally used by preps.
Prep1- ilove you (:
Prep2- i love you more ahaha (:
by matthew>.< June 21, 2010
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often used in sarcasm) or when you don’t mean something you say.
Hey! I just ate a clock! It was very time consuming.

ahaha. you want a medal?
by ThatGirlYouKnowLmao March 6, 2020
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a nice word usually said instead of "lmao", "lmfao" or "haha". it's mostly used by very funny and creative people like *cough*pills *cough* and it's a polite but yet fun way to laugh. it can get addicting though, let me say so beware of saying it before it gets stuck in your head ahaha
flippy: im so good at krunker dude

pills: ahaha nice
everyone else: laugh normally omg
by ahahaokaybet April 16, 2020
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I've just been stung by an Ahaha
by Artmeister April 24, 2017
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Fuckboys of tiktok say ahaha while doing thirsttraps . Ahaha is also used by people making fun of fuckboys
Boy comes out of pool motomoto style

Fuckboy:” i can smell you’re monthly blood ahaha “
Girl:” dude what the fuck is wrong with you ?”
- script taken out of a real POV
by Askednynoone June 1, 2020
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