The act of making something different. Mainly used to describe a game, made from an origional game, recreation all of the elements. For example, models, maps, code etc.
"I made a few modifications to your letter, mainly spelling mistakes."
by Anonymous February 9, 2003
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The action of modifying (something)
Mr.Thielen's car needed modification
by Maffuzuk February 17, 2016
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Someone who modifies text and/or anything and because of a distaste with the word modifers or modifies takes on the title modificator.
He's the modificator for our worksheets
by Johnny Aguilar May 13, 2008
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When you want to describe something that has been changed in a very large amount, but have no word to use and describe it
From when last I saw her, she has really modificated her hips.
by ChrispyFresh March 18, 2017
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1. Is when something is so bad, or so poorly done that a simple modification will not correct it, and the project needs to be redesigned altogether or scrapped.

2. Something is modified so much, it is designed anew, or seems to be a totally different design for the same purpose. The play plywood retainer wall was demodified into a concrete bag alleged retainer wall which need to be de-modified again.
Estancia Palm Springs said their poorly consturcted Retainer Wall was "Structurally Insufficient". Whereas, they claim the wall need modification, I beleive it really needs de-modification, because it is so bad that no quick fix will do.

A modern automobile is a demodification of the horse drawn carriage.
by David Z. Eunice June 14, 2007
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The process by which an individual comes across a person in distress begging for assistance and, instead of offering aid to the distressed person, proceeds to defecate on their face.
Have you heard about the Obama making home affordable mortgage modification program? That shit doesn't work at all. I tried to apply, and all I got was a HAMP Modification from the fucking bank.
by Elle Bee Jay September 8, 2010
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to alter a word for the better by using "bro" as a modifier.
Bro-nado, Bro-mance, Bro-k, Bro-pression, Bro-gram are all Bro-modifications

Don't fuck up my Bro-gram.

by sweetINKd00d September 27, 2008
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