1) A perverted billionaire fuck head who used his money to get away with boning young girls.

2) A boner for a girl who’s a little bit too young.
Definition 2:

Your mate: Dude, that school girl’s skirt is way too short. Think I’m getting an Epstein.

You: You sick fuck. Sit down before someone notices that tent in your pants.
by Chashuman August 20, 2019
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He didn’t kill himself
Epstein didn’t kill himself
by Phil Mc’Kracken January 12, 2021
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Definition of Epstein
transitive verb

: to put in confinement for private execution : BUTCHERED
Jeffrey Epstein was Epsteined on August 10, 2019

"Kevin Clinesmith will stand trial". "Nah, they'll Epstein him".
by LiberalCenter August 16, 2020
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To attempt suicide after being exposed for paedophilia.
"You know that one youtuber, yeah well he pulled an Epstein."
by CryptoClinic August 25, 2020
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1. (v) to creep or bother others, regardless of sex

2. (v) To torment people with your massive and widespread facebook friend requests to complete strangers, while still thinking you are the shit when clearly you're not.

3. (n) To be a complete and utter fag that has no idea that people really think you are a douchebag

4. (n) A weed-smoking, sunglass-wearing, queefing thunderpussy
Example 1

A: Dude, do you know who added me on facebook last night?

B: Let me guess, an Epstein?

A: Yeah. He also added the other 2,300 people in our class on the same night. What a thunderpussy!

Example 2

A: Did you see that hipster douchelord who smells bad and is smoking weed in front of our dorm?

B: Yeah, he's the local Epstein. He probably has some weed hidden in his woolen cap. What a thunderpussy!
by HE ADDED ME.... September 11, 2010
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An unwanted person, the "karen" or your friends according to Dane Cook
social fruitfly karen asshole loser

a: why is he here?
b: ugh he's such an epstein
by puckslut69 July 15, 2010
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When someone is murdered because they hold important information that could incriminate many people, but the death is ruled as a suicide.
I hope she won't be epsteined in jail because we need her testimony.
by FieryDragonLover July 14, 2020
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